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30.01.2015 Cryosauna KRION  - is an exclusively new invention in the field of fitness  and sports medicine for professional athletes and gym fans .  It ‘s  enough compact equipment, which can be easy installed in small rooms (from 12 square meters) and team’s  mobile unit.  Whole- body cryotherapy treatment  made it possible to combine  trainings with the sanitary treatment, boost the athletic performance and  fasten  after injury rehabilitation period.
A fundamental possibility to use cryotherapy in sport is generally recognized worldwide. Whole-body cryotherapy is, essentially, ice baths taken to a new and otherworldly level, and it is drawing considerable attention among athletes, both elite and recreational.
In order for athletes to become faster and stronger, they must train harder.  And in order to train harder, it is necessary to recover faster from both workouts and from injuries.  Whole Body Cryotherapy induces the body to release anti-inflammatory proteins and other muscle-repairing chemicals.  
Cryotherapy treatment  with KRION ensures:
Quick and long-term pain relieve- up to 6 hours
Stimulates the regenerative processes by metabolism improvement
Decreases injury recovery time by an estimated 50%
Significantly improves psychological competitive edge
Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
Greatly improves muscle strength
Increases on-the-field performance
Allows you to intensify training schedules because of reduced recovery time
Improves joint function while inhibiting inflammation
Take off the joint stiffness
Stimulates the endorphins outburst
Raises the coverlet temperature up to 4- 5 0C

The  goal of cryotherapy treatment is to offer you better health and a faster recovery from injury.
Cryotherapy usage evolved from the medical care market. Many Olympians endorse Cryotherapy. These elite athletes recognize Cryotherapy as a treatment that helps give them an edge on their opponents by increasing the rate of healing and recovery.
Our product has been on market more than 20 years now and today  we work with leading sports facilities and fitness centers, spa and beauty salons, medical rehabilitation centers in Russia , Japan, Spain, France  and more than 30 countries all around the world.

Cryosauna KRION was   used to medically assist Russian athletes  at the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan and 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.
Today the company works in partnership with
The Federal Medical and Biological Agency in Russia , Formula 1  and Tour de France teams   to supply  their  mobile medical units.

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